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To continue our project and to be able to maintain the care for the children that need us the most, we need to own our land and buildings!

The budget needed to realize our dream, to buy a suitable plot, is 20 000-30 000 USD (based on the current exchange rate).

We with your help can be able, also in the future, to give many more children the best possible starting point for a good life, and are grateful for all donations – big or small. This is the big dream we for the center we are waiting to fulfil it.


*You can help kids direct through care taker, to pay for them fee, by for them clothes and other things that you wish to help.

*You can help by giving us mountain job because when we work some of the money goes direct to the center.

Also Tanzania have so many things, which are making Tanzania a beautiful country. To mention only a few, we have Mt Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa, Nation Park, waterfalls and many many others. We are registered Arts Group, which is used to promote Mt Kilimanjaro by songs, and Arts Work. The songs have been recorded in the CD We are selling the CD to the interested client and the money, which is obtained, is used to help some kids and to promote our arts Work, Also buying our CD its help us to;- -spread education about the science of mountain Kilimanjaro environment -To address the significant changes that will occur in the lifetime -Discover nature and culture -Make friends -Support communities -By buying our Audio CD for 10$ -By advising the group HELP,,,,,LEARN,,,,,CELEBRATE To know more about Marangu Theatre Arts Organization ;- -To join as member inside the country and outside the country you're allowed and you're welcome -To sponsor by donating money per month/year you're welcome, but;- The donation starts; -10$ per month people outside Tanzania and going up (we can put you in the list of Organization Sponsor) People from Tanzania donation starts;-2000Tsh.per month (we can put you in the list of sponsor) #we use the money to pay fee per year. #to help children (orphan) and other who registered to the center according to the family problems. #to educated people #for children food and education -To sponsor clothes, sport gear's, children &youth game equipment. #especial clothes for children #game for children All this can make them feel OK. -To visit the Organization, you will meet M.T.A.O daycare, Performing Arts group, you will meet professional tour Guide and Mountain Runner Gaudence Phesto and other professional Guide for Mountain kilimanjaro, And other Nation park in Tanzania, So to give them job is direct support to the center. means you can learn a lot from us and we can learn a lot from you, YOU'RE WELCOME WE HOPE YOU CAN BE WITH US HELP,,,,,,,,, LEARN,,,,,,,,CELEBRATE


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